Memorial Day

Matt and i FINALLY got the chance to go camping! We packed up our fishing gear and the Daisy mutt and were off.First we went here...

It was really pretty and i was told that Mill Creek was a great fly-fishing spot but it seemed as though the snow run-off made Mill Creek into a MILK Creek :0)

The water was all murky so we decided to move on to a place i heard of called Battle Creek. Im glad we went there becuase it turned out to be my new favorite fishing spot! We set up our campsite and headed for the river :0) And this is what we found..

It was SO pretty and the water was perfect! I believe i caught the first fish ;0)

The reason i look so lovely is because it started raining on us! BOOO! But at least the fish were still biting :0)

As we were hiking down the river we came accross this neat old abandoned cottage..

Cool HUH? We continued to fish until it started getting dark and we headed back to camp. It started raining pretty good so we couldnt have a fire that night..sad, i know, but we got to cook our chili dogs on our handy-dandy camping stove ;0)

Heres me bumming around camp before the real rain hit!

..thank goodness our tent was waterproof!!
The next morning we woke up and made a fire Cause it was freezing! After we ate our cereal and warmed up a bit we decided to fish a little more. I must say that Daisy dog is shaping up to be quite the mountain dog..she did great! I was pleasantly surprised how well she kept up with us on our strenuous hikes over rocks and cliffs and accross the river..good girl :0)

We caught some more whoppers and i had some MONSTERS on my line that got joke! We will definately be going back soon when the weather is a little better and ill get some pictures of the monster trout that i speak of ;0) We saw the rain coming again so we made the trek back to camp and packed up. Over all i must say it was a fabulous fishing trip!


  1. Your pup is the cutest thing! And i think it is hilarous that you are such an out doorsy person. I would have never pinned you as one back in the day, but just so you know.... your my idol! I wanna be outgoing (outdoorsy) just like you! :)

  2. Jesus has started fishing like crazy lately, he goes at least once a weekend if he has time. We are planning on going to lake arrowhead this month so maybe all his practice will pay off. We live on a lake that allows fishing but its catch and release so I should get some practice in before we go. I should also get a picture of me fishing while I'm 7 months prego!! Looks like you guys had fun!

  3. You guys are so adventurous! If one place doesn't work, pack up and find another:) We missed you guys at Mem Day, but Mother's Day was the best ever!!! We loved seeing you guys. The singles ward is doing awesome! We had 90 ppl at sacrament mtg yesterday and 50 at the break the fast at our casa. Cool beans! What a great group of young adults! We just love our "job" (haha) Love you guys;)

  4. I love reading about all the cool things you guys do. I'm a little jealous. ;)

  5. Tenille- I am so glad I caught up to you! Your blog is cute! Where did you guys go camping? We are going to take the girls next month and you picked a beautiful place!

  6. um, i freakin love my page. love what you did 100% thanx again!

  7. Tenille!! We miss you! We love looking at your blog and seeing all of the fun stuff Matt and you do! You guys are so much fun. How is everything going? When are you coming to Bako next? Talk to you soon