Memorial Day

So after i found out that my cat Honey was missing, we decided to make a quick trip to Bakersfield for Memorial Day to visit and try to find the youngest member of my FAMILY. We left on saturday after work and got into Bako at 4:45 am..we were tired! The next day we made 'LOST CAT' flyers and posted them around my neighborhood. We also knocked on doors and asked people if they'd seen her..still no still bummed that we couldnt find her while we were there but i havent lost all hope. Matt and i were glad to be with our families and it was nice to relax a bit.
On Memorial Day we woke up bright and early for the 'pancake breakfast' that the boyscouts put on at the park accross the street from mom and dad gates house..later that day we went to my grandparents house for the traditional Memorial Day BBQ..complete with swimming, good food, and thats a good combination :0) We left a little early because we needed to drive back to Chico and wanted to get there at a decent hour..We said goodbye to everyone and left although we miss being around FAMILY..we DID however stop at Rosemarys before we left Bako..'Steve's banana split'...gotta love it! :0)


  1. Hey Toons! Thad definitly got his yard ;) and we are going to be in G&G Richards ward ;)

  2. Hey..I've added a step I forgot on the tutorial, should work now. oops! :)