a LOT of driving :0)

Matt and i took a week off of work to visit our families and friends in Bakersfield and then took the long trek to Utah for my grandpa's suprise 90th birthday party..While in bako, we got to relax and hang out with some of our favorite people. Matt helped Jimmy and Justin set up their sailboat in his front yard..it was really cool but unfortunately we didnt get around to sailing it that day..i didn't know matt knew so much about sailing..hes full of suprises ;0) That night we went with mom and dad Gates and Andrew to Whoolgrowers for dinner. I had never been there before and have always wanted to try it out..The food was really yummy..i cant say the same for the pickled tounge though..hey, at least i tried it! The next day (april 24) my dad turned 55! Matt and i decorated the house with streamers and 'happy birthday' banners and a bunch of people came over for a BBQ/birthday party.. it was alot of fun..however, dads not too happy about being eligable for the 'senior discount' now ;0) The next day (Wednesday) we hung out with the Gates fam until around 5ish then mom and dad Bulkeley , matt and i left for Utah..we went half way and stayed at the Oasis in Mesquite..i always sleep really well in hotels for some reason and i usually turn the AC on full blast..good stuff :0) In the mornin we drove the rest of the way to Thad and Britts place in Provo.Both of my sisters made it up there that night so we had the whole bulkeley crew there..yeehaw :0) The next morning we woke up bright and early for my brother Thad's graduation ceremony from BYU and had a BBQ afterwards to celebrate..it was fun to catch up with everyone :0)
The rest of the day we just hungout and enjoyed the company.On Friday, we decided to check out 'Bridalvale Falls' and did a little hiking with my sister and bro-in-law..it was really nice outside and i managed to get sunburned..of course :0) That night was my Grandpa Richard's birthday.The party was in Heber, Utah at my Aunts new house..it was beautuful there and we saw a bunch of deer in their yard..which apperantly is no big deal to people who live in Utah but is way exciting for us Californians! lol :0) My grandparents were so touched by all the people who showed up to celebrate.They have 11 kids together who live in various parts of the U.S and ALL of them showed up! So it was more like a family reunion :0) I got to show off my husband to all of my relatives and we had a great time..we were exhausted by the end of the night but it was nice to catch up with family i havent seen in a while :0) The next day we all met again for a lunch-in before we all went our own ways..Afterwards we said our goodbyes and started the long drive back to Bakersfield..now with my dad, my bro-in-law and my neice and nephew who fought like cats and dogs in the car most of the time..not fun.We stopped at State Line and stayed at Buffalo Bills..again, another good nights sleep in a hotel :0) In the morning we rode the roller coaster there and i played a slot machine for the first time..woohoo! lol Then we ate some breakfast in the casino which reaked of cigarette smoke and old people..yuuummy :0) lol anywho we made it back to bakersfield around 3pm, hung around for a while and then i drove us back to Chico..this time we brought a kitty home with us! which was interesting considering we already had a ferret tagging along..but they did great in the car and actually slept in the same bed together..it was cute..Well that concludes most of our vacation adventure!!


  1. wow. that was a long post!! :) but i am so jealous of you and all your family time. seems like you got alot accomplished in a week. maybe i'll see you sometime in july while we're down there :) YIPEE! i can hardly wait to go home.

  2. it was so fun to have everyone come to utah for 2 special events:) we were the only ones to have ALL our children and grandchildren in attendance and it was a great time:) thanks for the pics of those events and sharing about the wonderful times we had together! it was so fun to get to ride up there w/you guys and chat:)