Christmas...yes i know its March!

ummm yeah, i just realized that i havent even posted about Christmas!? Now THATS pretty bad! First off, this was our Christmas card:
Lets see, this year was the very first time that we stayed home for Christmas! And while we missed the usual fun family traditions at my parents house it was really fun making our own traditions at home! (and not having to haul 2 screaming kids and a car-full of presents to Bakersfield was a plus ;0) Easton loved the tree and insisted we had the lights on 24/7 and one night for family night we strung lots of popcorn to put on the tree! (a tradition from Matts childhood that we are carrying on :0) Sorry i didnt take a picture of just the tree this year...when did i become such a slacker?! Matts mom and dad were able to come down and spend Christmas with us and we had a nice little group to celebrate the holiday with! We made a big delicious dinner on Christmas Eve and played some fun games together (ive decided that a tradition of ours will be for each family or couple to have a game ready for everyone to play!-super fun! :0) We sang Christmas songs, read the Christmas story from the Bible and the Night Before Christmas. Easton had a blast and actually enjoyed opening his presents this year!

This was the first year that i didnt have to force talk him into opening them! Everett just had fun watching all the festivities...he loves His big brother  and watches everything he does..its really sweet.

Christmas is such a special time and i love that i will get to re-live the excitement and wonder through my sweet boys :0)

Ive been trying to take alot of pictures of my littly guys because i feel as though they are growing up so fast! So i hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and here are some random pictures from december :0)
-Everett is a little over 6 months here-
heres the 'bum' beard/hat i made Easton! :0)

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