One Cute Kid!

I try to take lots of pictures of Easton (although sometimes im a huge slacker!) Some months i dont take any pictures...not ONE! mother would be so dissapointed! ;0) Easton is growing up so fast and i want to capture him as he grows into a sweet little boy ♥ I just thought id share some of the recent Easton cuteness to brighten your day :0)

The End :0)


  1. Hi!

    You son indeed is very cute!

    Sorry to have to contact you like this, but I sent you a message regarding one of your free templates that I use on my blog but I didn't get a response...please could you email me to:

    Many thanks

  2. Thank you sharing Easton's cuteness. I need an "Easton fix" SO badly! He is darling and perfect! All I can say is "more, MoRe, MORE!!! :-D Love, Mom G. xoxo

  3. Oops. Should say: Thank you FOR sharing......

    It's late, forgive me!! <3

  4. That did brighten my day, but I was also sad because I want to hold that cute little boy! He is so photogenic!