SO ive been a total slacker...and before i can post about Christmas i must catch up! My mom came up for a visit (in October!) and we went to Oregon together to visit my sister Tanya! Since this is my journal i dont want to leave this out because it was so much fun! I have the coolest family ever and my sister is no exception! There are always good times to be had when we are together ;0) Here is Easton with his cousin Cole ♥

We had so much fun spending time with Tanya and her little family :0) We put a few puzzles together..went on a few yard-saleing adventures ;0) Had a TON of laughs and just enjoyed the company :0) Here we are at Red Robin after a long day of yard-saling...Easton was such a trooper ;0)

While i was there, their fishing guide friend Bob invited them to go Salmon fishing with him...and they let me tag along! It was SO fun! We got up at the butt crack of dawn and met Bob at the river around 6am. I was the first to catch a fish! It was a biggin' and the first Salmon that ive ever caught! ;0)

These fish are so strong and fun to real in! I was a little reluctant to put my hand in its mouth to hold it for the picture considering that they have TEETH!...BIG ones!! We fished pretty much all day (until 5-6pm) and my mom was nice enough to watch Easton and my sister's little guy, Cole. Thanks mom! :0) Here are some more pics from the fishing trip..
The Crew ;0)
Seeesters ♥
Bob :0)
The river
I have to say the trip was a success...we each caught at least one fish! Good times!
FUNNY STORY: When we were done, the boys pulled the boat up to the shore, took out the fish and started cleaning them. While they were doing this, Tanya and i were in the boat cleaning it up for Bob. As we were 'swabbing the decks' we were unaware that the boat had gotten loose from the shore and had started drifting away! I looked up and we were floating down the river!!..Which would be no big deal..if one of us knew how to work the BOAT! The guys were on shore yelling confusing instructions how to start the motor and we couldnt figure it out (mind you we were drifting further and further away, towards the ocean!) My sis started to panic so her hubby stripped down and jumped in after us...in his underwear! Note: the water was freezing! He got about half way to us and couldnt go any further because we were drifting away too quickly for him to catch up..my sister was freaking out and gave up on trying to get the boat going so i stepped in and gave it a go (note: i have NO boating experience whatsoever!) But i managed to start the huge motor and steer the boat towards Billy who was freezing in the water! We pulled him in/threw a jacket on him and he took us to shore! SO crazy! It was a little scary at the time but makes a good story now..and hey, all is well that ends well! ;0)
The next day was Coles (pirate themed) 3rd birthday party. We had fun making shirts for the occasion :0)

Gotta love my little pirate baby! ;0)  We had to go home after the party but we had a good visit! Thanks for letting us invade your house Tanya and Billy! We love you!! ♥


  1. Love that 'Wipe me Pirate Booty' t-shirt! Hilarious!!

    Awesome fish stories too ;)

  2. Love how outdoorsy you are(is that word??)....lets camp this yea!

  3. That was so totally awesome to get to drive up to Oregon w/you and Easton! He was so good:) Love to be together with my girls....whether it is one or more, we always seem to have a great time. The yard sales were hilarious and even in the rain...that doesn't stop them! Love my kids!!!