Easton's First Campout!

We took Easton on his first camping trip this week! I was a little nervous to take him but im happy to report that he did great! We had a fabulous time relaxing in the mountains with our little man ♥
Hopefully the next time we go camping, we will be able to do it in style..(with our little retro trailer! ;0) Here is Matt trying to stuff the air mattress into our little tent (i bet him a five minute back scratch that he couldnt do it ;0)
but luckily he managed to cram it in which meant we didnt have to sleep on the hard ground..thank goodness! Easton was a champ, he loves being outside and he was content to hang out with us. Here he is on the changing table picnic table ;0)
(giving mommy a 'bump') heheh ;0)
We went on quite a few hikes while we were up there...we ended up going to the McCloud River in Northern Ca. It was beautiful there and we got to see quite a few waterfalls.
Matt was nice enough to watch Easton while i fished a little..whata guy ;0)
Easton liked to be carried around on our hikes...here he is in his various carriers :0)
What a cutie pie! ♥
Our little family ♥
I caught this tiny lizard on one of our hikes...
...Say hello to my little friend ;0)
For dinner that night we cooked up some hobo packs (a camping tradition of ours.) They were delish!
and its not a camping trip unless you roast marshmallows on the fire and make some smores! ;0) While Easton was sleeping we layed in the bed of the truck and watched the shooting stars...the night sky is so beautiful in the mountains ♥ It got pretty cold at night but Easton was cozy sleeping in between us all bundled up..he woke up a couple times to eat but other than that, he slept great (so the other campers didnt have to hate us! ;0) The next morning we made a fire, ate breakfast and hung out with our sweet little boy ♥
Then we packed up our camp and hit the road. We stopped at Burney Falls on the way home..SO pretty!
love this picture of my boys ♥
I look forward to the many adventures we will have camping as a family ♥


  1. so cool! I love all the pictures. Not that I"m a big camper by any means, it still looks like a really fun trip! :)

  2. I am so impressed with all of your pictures. They look so great. What a fun trip! We are definitely not that brave, but after looking at the pictures I wish we were campers.

  3. You are SO brave to camp with a young baby! But it looks like it turned out so well! What a darling family (I'm a LITTLE BIT partial)!!! We're so glad you had fun - the pics are gorgeous!!! Love, M & D Gates xoxoxo

  4. There you go again! You should be nicknamed The Adventure Family! Such great pics and it looks like you had a wonderful time:) So excited to see that Easton hasn't slowed you down at all. You said he wouldn't, but seeing is believing! Thanks for sharing your bentures:)

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  6. You guys are so brave but it looks like it turned out so wonderfully!! Look how darling Easton is! You guys make camping look EASY! hehe!
    I loved the picture of the mattress halfway into the tent, we had a similar experience last summer and I was SO happy when my husband managed to shove it in the door and get it settled LOL!

  7. How on earth did he get that thing in there??!!! Easton is adorable. I hope you guys are coming to Bakersfield soon for one of your adventures. I'm holding you to your promise.

  8. What a doll that Easton is Tenille! xoxoxoxo

  9. What a doll that Easton is Tenille! xoxoxoxo

  10. What a doll that Easton is Tenille! xoxoxoxo

  11. I usually inflate less than halfway until its in tent, then inflate the rest! :)