I am Full Term!

Our stroller and carseat were still untouched in their boxes the other day so we decided to assemble them. After they were assembled we attempted to figure out exactly how to use them..we started fumbling around with the straps, handles and plastic buttons trying to figure out how to actually use the stuff... Funny conversation went something like this:

Me: 'We should find something to use as a baby in the carseat for practice!'
Matt: 'yeah, thats a good idea.''
(we pause trying to think of something that would work)
Matt: 'dont you have any dolls?'
Me: 'uhhh.....no.'
Matt: ' but youre a girl '
Me: 'yeah..and im also not five!'

I just thought that was kinda funny...apparently all girls should own a doll regardless of their age ;0) Heres the closest thing i could find:

NOW were ready ;0) jk

SO i am officially full term now..which means i could have Easton anytime and it would be fine...its so crazy to think about. I will be a mom in 3 weeks or less! Its so close and I still cant quite wrap my head around it! I havent gotten the crazy cleaning bug like i was hoping i would but Ive been 'nesting' my own way! I have been going to yard/estate sales like crazy and doing lots of crafts and projects which is the opposite of nesting because im actually making my house messier! ;0) Its like i know i wont have much time to do these things once Easton is here so ive been keeping very busy! I still need to pack for the hospital...what am i supposed to bring besides clothes for me and Easton, and a camera OH and my husband? ;0) Is there something that i should bring that isnt the obvious? I am definitely ready to get this little guy out..i do realize that the easy part was carrying the baby..the hard part will getting the little guy OUT..and i must admit that im just a little frightened! My doc said that if Easton is too big (which he might be) then i will have to do a C-section..ive heard some horror stories so if youve had a Csection and it wasnt that bad, let me know ;0)


  1. If you are having an epidural definitely bring something to read, and snacks. You won't feel anything so there won't be any pain or breathing to concentrate on, and depending on how quickly(or not) things move you could be there a while. And all they will give you is ice chips and no one could give me a good reason why I wasn't allowed to eat the entire time I was sitting there, so bring snack, but hide them ;)

  2. I failed to bring basic things like shampoo, a toothbrush, a blow dryer etc. Bring those things:) I have a lot of friends who recovered faster and much easier with their c-sections than I did with my traditional delivery. We brought some movies (well Seinfield episodes) to keep us entertained. Bring anything to help you feel comfortable. Good luck!

  3. Been there, done that! I brought a bunch of stuff and I'm glad I did. I brought little hotel sized shampoos and soaps because I did end up having a c-section and with that you are there 3 days instead of 1. Jesus was able to shower at the hospital instead of going home. I brought a lot of clothes for the baby but he didnt really need them because he pooped in them all and ended up needing to wear hospital clothes any way, which they have a ton of. I didnt worry about clothes for me, I wore out what I wore in except for undies;) I've done it both ways, granted the second time didnt go very well. I wasnt awake during the c-section because the epidural and spinal didnt work but I started to panic and think that I didnt want to be awake for it and my small prayer was answered but I did miss his birth. Good luck!

  4. Oh and P.S. recovering from the c-section was better than from vaginal. Sitting hurts after you push them out and all that hurts when you have a c-section is your stomach incision. It felt good to sit down then. I healed pretty quickly after I was up and moving around, getting up initially hurts and for the first day or two, but by the time I went home I was fine.

  5. Yeah so i'm no expert on THAT part yet, but I do love the baby substitute you used, and don't feel bad, that would have been the EXACT conversation cameron and I would have. lol, in fact we had a similar one, but we were at the store trying to figure out how to collapse the dumb stroller :) You better get packin girly!!

  6. Okay, this is probably TMI, but I had no clue about this when I had my first baby and my husband had to go to the store for me. So, to spare your hubby the embarrassment ...

    If you don't have a C-section, bring/buy sanitary pads, including the monster overnight ones. They'll give them to you in the hospital while you're there, but some insurance doesn't cover the cost and it can add up. Also, if you deliver naturally and should you need stitches, you will want to have some Tucks pads on hand at home.

    Bring more than one outfit for the baby, as they can manage to soil the one outfit you bring for them. Dressing a newborn for the first time can be daunting ... and slow. Keep the outfit simple ... mainly for you! :)

    If you're having him circumsized, might I suggest you take a shower while that occurs? If you don't, you might hear him crying and your hormones don't need that.

    And there's really no preparing you for when your milk comes in ... no one warned me and I wish someone had at least given me a clue! You will have porn star boobs. They will hurt. Breast pads are a must! Same goes if you're bottle-feeding, because that milk still has to come in and it hurts like a SOB until it gets the picture and goes away.

    You will do awesome. You will be amazed at what your body can do and how much pain it can take. Having done childbirth both ways (with and without an epidural or drugs), I have to say that an epidural was awesome the second time around. I didn't feel a thing. I was cracking jokes and then it was like the stork brought my baby.

    Good luck!!

  7. Thanks for all the fabulous advice!...snacks.Check!...Shampoo.Check!Giant pads a.k.a diapers ;0)Check! Anne..your comment made my die laughing by the way! :0) Wish me luck guys! ♥

  8. Woohoo Mama! The best thing that I brought was those olay facial wipes. Since I had a Csection and couldn't get out of bed very well, it was nice to have hubs water them down and I could wash my face and atleast feel semi-clean.

    With my first I was in labor for 27 hours and went on to have a C.S it wasn't that bad, pain wise. Don't laugh, that's the worst! ;) Other than that it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. I've heard horror stories too, maybe I'm just a lucky one!

    Oh the snacks tip from BrittanyB too.. I had a muffin hiding under my sheets! :)

  9. don't forget your own pillow (and your favorite blanket-- hospital rooms can get cold)!! You've gotten lots of good advice. :) You're going to be a great mom! Easton is super lucky!

  10. Rachelle~ 27 hours?! You poor thing! Face wipes are a good idea..ill use baby wipes b/c i have lots of those on hand! lol ;0) I will be very sad if they wont give me food at the hospital..ill bring snacks but...cmon! Ill have to send the hubby to the cafeteria on a secret mission to snatch some food! :0)
    Judy~ Thank you my dear :0) I sure hope ill be a good mom! I will def bring my own pillow to the hospital :0)

  11. As for the giant pads, tucks pads, etc. I'd definitely bring what you can but I took a ton from the hospital and I'm pretty sure I wasn't billed for them... I asked my nurse for extras to take home with me and she gave a big bag full. If they give you a little thing of tucks pads (or something like them) take the whole thing home, it's all yours. SERIOUSLY, you need to COMPLETELY clean out your hospital room when you go home. ANY sort of pads, creams, bottles, etc. etc. etc. Everything in the bottom of the baby bed thingy, etc. It'll all come in very handy.

    As for a C-section, I've never had one but I've heard horror stories and wonderful lovely stories. Some people hate them, some people actually liked them better than babies they've had vaginally. So don't stress. Also, my doc said my baby was too big and that I HAD to be induced because I was a week overdue and the baby was going to be way too big. She ended up being barely 7 lbs. Seriously, don't stress out. Stressing won't help anything and chances are there's nothing to be worried about in the first place. It'll be history before you know and and you'll be thinking about when to have your next!


  12. Bringing movies, etc to stay entertained is a great idea during labor, but my biggest regret is that I would stay up at night and watch movies with Mike and chill out. Bad move. Should've just gotten sleep while there were nurses around to take care of the baby. My BIGGEST piece of advice is DO NOT KEEP EASTON IN YOUR ROOM AT THE HOSPITAL. You NEED to let the nurses keep him in the nursery as much as possible so you can rest. Just have them bring him to you for feedings if you're nursing. Honestly, you'll have PLENTY of time with him once you get home and you'll be a better mom if you're rested up. Do what's best for BOTH of you and let the nurses take care of him!

  13. You probably won't need them at the hospital unless you're there for a few days, but buy Lansinoh breast pads. They are the ONLY pads that work. And ditto on the super huge overnight sanitary pads. By the way, my first baby was 9 pounds 4 ounces. They didn't think I'd be able to have her vaginally, but she came out after only 20 minutes of pushing. I was induced a week early with both of my boys and they ended up bigger (9lbs 12 oz and 9 lbs 13 oz) and came out in only two pushes each. Don't get too nervous yet about possibly having to have a c-section. It's amazing what our bodies can do! Good luck!