K9 Adventures!

So The other day, Matt went to help out with an Oroville K9 Unit demonstration at an elementary school..when i say 'help out' i mean he volunteered to wear this..

..and do this..
Its called being an 'agitator.' Hes done it before and it was fun to actually see him do it this time :0) I must admit that i was a little nervous at first though..those dogs mean business! The kids loved it!..it was fun listening to the presentation. Officer Sanzone did a good job explaining the K9 Unit to all of them :0)
..Meet Bosco..hes been an OPD K9 for a few years now.. Sanzone is his partner :0)
Meet Z-bo..Hes the newbie..hes been an OPD K9 for 5-6 months i think...Dave is his partner :0)
Anywho, im glad that Matt works with such a good group of officers and it comforts me to know that these dogs have his back as well ;0) In other news...im getting HUGE..not cute-huge either..im starting to resemble this guy! ;0)

I cant believe i only have a month or less left and i will be a mommy! We are so looking forward to it! Well...not the delivery part but the having our baby boy to take care of part ;0) I havent taken a lamaze class yet (im a slacker) and dont think i will...im just gunna wing it ;0) I will try to keep you posted!


  1. All of those pictures (minus the marshmallow man who I am sure you are not resembling in the slightest) made me think of the children's book Officer Buckle and Gloria. If you haven't read it you should. It is a great one. I love that Matt is an officer in Oroville. It is so funny to me because it is such a small town and that is where Meg's husband, John, grew up. His family still lives there and I think his brother Steve Collins is an officer or maybe a sheriff. I'm sure you know all of this, but I think it is great!

  2. Good luck with this next month, it's alwasy the longest! I didn't take any lamaze classes either. It all comes natural and nurses are there to walk you through it all. I can't wait to see pictures of your little guy :D

  3. Enjoyed your pics! I am sure you look adorable!! My husband is our K-9 officer here. He does demostrations, and everybody calls it "The Dog Show". . . kinda' funny, huh?

  4. Honestly, if you're getting an epidural, you don't need lamaze ;)

  5. I'm all for winging it! More power to you! and matt.... thats HILARIOUS!

  6. Was there any padding in that suit, Matthew?!! Haha. JK. Love that handsome face stickin' out of the gear! Love, (who else but) Mom!