Crafty...the new Nesting!

Ive been nesting crafting alot lately...i dont think you can call it nesting b/c nesting usually means cleaning and my house is still a mess! At least its a crafty mess ;0) I saw this cute nest idea here and decided to give it a go myself :0) Heres the finished result...

(Dont you just love nests?!) Instead of using a plaque and premade nests like she did on the tutorial , i spray painted/distressed an old frame i had lying around and made my own nest out of moss! I used burlap as the backing, hot glued my nest on it at glued in some cute little blue robin eggs i found super cheap at Michaels :0) End result, a cute little decoration!

The other day, i stumbled accross these darling wreaths on someones Etsy shop! I think i will attempt to make one soon!

Arent they fabulous?? Wish me luck ♥


  1. Tenille! You're always up to something amazingly creative! I LOVE the nest (good job!) and the other ideas! Good luck?! I think WE are the ones who need "good luck" trying to make something so fabulous! :-D Love, Mom G. xoxo

  2. These are so, so cute! Love them! And they are soooo {{you}} by the way... Like, going by your blog personality anyway. Absolutely awesome! ♥

  3. Really great job. I love your shabbychicness.

  4. I am thoroughly impressed! I am definitely not crafty. Maybe someday...