Id like you to meet...

..the newest member of the Gates family! We love our new (much needed) truck :0)

And heres a peek at what we've been up to ;0)

I will show you the rest when we clean up the livingroom/warzone its done ;0)
Even LuLu got in on the fun (note the paint on her little paw)...bad kitty! ;0)

Thats all folks!


  1. Congratulations! That must have been a hard delivery;) You'll definitely need it for all the work you will do on your house.

  2. Your dad is so jealous! He's been wanting a fullsize truck for years! It looks really nice (I like the four doors). Good fishin' & campin' truck!

  3. I love the new house pictures!! We are shopping tooband will probably decide pretty quick! It's easier for us since we know we'll only be there a few years!

  4. Always exciting stuff going on with you two. Either a project or something. I love the truck. I just bought one as well for snow plowing. Hope your loving it.