Job Update

Matt is doing GREAT at the department and loves what he does! He even made his FIRST newspaper appearance while on duty...i guess cops make the news alot? ;)

In this picture my husband was directing traffic while this scumbag was being arrested by his fellow officers for felony hit and run. Exciting stuff huh? :) Matt is currently working three 12 hour shifts and gets 4 days off in a row....sometimes. Hes been having to work some over time lately for training on some of his days off, but he usually gets a nice break that i am quite envious of ;) I love hearing about his daily activities when i get home! Keep up the good work Matt! ♥


  1. Thaddious Maximus IIIMarch 20, 2009 at 2:28 PM

    whatcha gunna do! whatch gunna do when dey come for you!

  2. We're fascinated at hearing all your experiences as a policeman! It's hard to believe you've been on the job for a short time and already you've had so many interesting situations to deal with. My, oh my! There are a lot of "interesting" characters in this world! Good job, Matthew! We love you! Love, Mom G.
    P.S. Thaddious Maximus III better watch out when he's on the streets of Oroville! He'll find out "whatcha gonna do!" (JK, Thad!)[cheesy grin]