The Holidays ♥

I think i have some catching up to do! Maybe i wont neglect my blog so much in 2009 ;0).
I bet you are all DYING to know how my Christmas was right ;0) On Dec. 23rd Matt and i drove 7 hours to Bakersfield! I closed that night at work so we ended up leaving Chico at around 10pm and didnt get into b-town til was quite the drive considering we brought our crazy dog daisy with us and our kitty as well..we managed to stuff all of our presents, luggage, daisy's crate AND the animals all in my VW Bug :0/...dont ask me HOW we managed to do that!! But we made it and had a BLAST! Mom and dad Gates were nice enough to let us crash at their house and they were very patient with us and our critters..thanks guys ♥ On Christmas Eve we had our traditional family get together and dinner at mom and dad Bulkeleys house. Dinner was yummy and the kids did a couple of cute christmas skits for us...

We all sang Christmas carols and my dad read the 'Santa letter'...another fun tradition :0)

I was also introduced to the newest member of the Bulkeley clan..little Sammy Bulkeley ♥ He is such a good baby and i couldnt get enough of that little guy! Thad insists that i have 'the fever' now but i assure you that i do not :0) Here are some pics of me and little Sam ♥

On Christmas morning at the gates house we played 'find the pickle' in the christmas tree. Its a fun tradition we do every year where mom hides a pickle ornament in the tree and whoever finds it first gets a bonus present..So far ive won 3 years in a row..booyah! I dont have any pics of that b/c i was busy with my pickle finding skillzz ;0)Then we opened our presents which is always exciting :0)

One of the perks about being married is that you pretty much get Christmas...twice! Next we went to my parentals house to open more presents and hang out with the fam.

Heres me and Rusty Dawg!

Here are the sibs minus one (miss u Tans!♥)

Sibs and spouses ♥

It was nice relaxing and catching up with family..i stayed in my PJs ALL DAY LONG and it was fabulous!! The next couple days were spent hanging out with both families. My family and Mom and Dad Gates all went to Rosemarys to eat some delicious ice cream! Matt and i cant leave bako without going there ;0) Heres our Steves Banana Splits

SO yummy! On a good day, i can eat the whole thing! i a fatty ♥
When it came time for us to leave we were very sad to go. You dont realize how much you miss the company of your family until you move far away from them! The drive back wasnt so bad because the animals slept most of the way and we got home around midnight..then it was back to the grind! I have been working non stop lately and its been SO busy! Ive been pumpin out like 30 haircuts a day (which is alot) The reason ive been working so hard is b/c i will be taking 5 days off NEXT week to go to Disneyland for my 23rd birthday! I am SO SO excited i can barely contain myself ;0) After Disneyland well spend a couple days hangin out with the fam again so that will be splendid :0) I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our new years eve was spent with friends playing apples to apples, this game we made up called space marbles and we brought the Wii over for some Wii action ;0) it was pretty low key but fun just the same! At least we didnt sleep though new years like a couple of old people..thats what we did last year! lol Sad...i know ;0)


  1. We love the pickle present game! You rock. . . 3 years in a row! Happy EARLY Birthday! :)

  2. My favorite part of this post was the part where you said that the ride home was fine because the animals slept all the way. Haha. That's funny. I also think you might be getting the fever.;) xoxo

  3. Holy cow that ice cream is intense. It would kill me but looks so good ha Im glad your holidays were great and that i could talk to the police department and say all the good things about matt. I love you guys

  4. So fun to have you guys here for Christmas! We had so much fun sharing with the family and just being together:) We may have some dups of pics, but that works too! Love your new title pic w/you guys making a heart out of your two hands.