Lots of Visitors

So last week Matt and i had some visitors! First Matts bro Andrew came down to hang out for a couple days before he moved to Russia!

Heres the boys eating taco truck goodness :0)

We played bocce ball at the park...

..and had a good ol' time :0)

We also said hello to the 'steed'

The next day Matt took Andrew fishing while i was at work and didnt take ANY pictures.......men...They had fun however :0) Thanks for coming to see us bro..we love youuu!! Then we had MORE visitors! My sister Tara, her hubby, their 5 children and my mom came up to see us! They all managed to squeeze into our little place and it was alot of fun :0) The kids enjoyed playing with all of our critters!

...this is our neighbors cat that we want to steal :0) jk

We had a picnic by the river and went swimming! look what i caught :0)

gross huh? The kids liked it tho ;0)

We also found this guy..isn't he CUTE??

..I thought so :0)

Then we walked to the park and wore out the kids a little more :0)

...the ADULTS had fun too ;0)

LOL :0)

Thanks for coming to see us!! It was sad to see everyone leave tho! Come back soon!


  1. Hi, Tenille!
    I just got home from vacation in California and saw that you had left a comment on my blog! I was in YW with you! I'm so glad you found me. Your dad was bishop when we were in the Fruitvale Ward. He did a lot to help us out. It looks like your life is fabulous!! You're beautiful! Great to hear from you. Tell your mom and dad I said, "Hi!"

  2. We did have fun...you always have fun with aunt tenille & uncle matt:) We love you both and miss you too:(

  3. Ok, I love the turtle. I used to have 3 of those. Its a red eared slider and I loved them so much. I got them when they were the size of a quarter. We didnt have room for them in our first apartment. I love the picture of your mom going down the slide, so cute!

  4. Cute cute pictures! It looks like you guys had a blast ;)

  5. Man so many visitors and i was sadly not one of them. Whats my problem ha ha I need to make a tryip out to come see you guys. I miss you both. Aloha

  6. Cute turtle! I love that you are always changing your page background and display, so cute!